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The Music Pharmacy is a full service creative agency and an interactive marketing bureau dedicated to connecting talents, communities, media, brands and technology through music.


To become – “An interactive marketing bureau” – The ultimate and most relevant pan african platform connecting talents, communities, media, brands and technology through music.


To use the power of music to develop contents, campaigns and awesome experiences that serve marketing objectives.

In concrete terms we are entirely focused on entertaining, creative, innovative, educative, connective, and unmatched marketing communications.

Our Values

We have eight (8) core values which people across the Music Pharmacy share. They represent the expectations we have for ourselves and one another, they guide our day-to-day decisions and the way we behave.

We have millennials as our main focus and all other audience at heart
  • We put our audience needs first. We always strive to serve our audience better and they are at the heart of everything we do.

  • We recognize that audiences are not all like us and our friends, so we make sure we make a deliberate effort to know how their needs are changing and we adapt. Thus we are committed to and engage our community in authentic and meaningful ways.

  • Committing to their satisfaction, development and well‐being by treating them with respect, dignity and fairness.

  • We take pains to understand the needs of our audience and clients.
We respect one another and celebrate diversity
  • We respect all our colleagues irrespective of their personal and cultural backgrounds.

  • We’re honest, direct and always courteous.

  • We challenge others’ ideas but we respect their decisions.

  • We have the privilege to serve as stewards of the creative community and we do so with humility.

  • We are ambassadors for our brand; we speak out against wrong and act accordingly within the Music Pharmacy.
We are a trusted resource
  • Trust is the foundation of the Music Pharmacy; we are independent, impartial, truthful and fair in all our dealings.

  • We make decisions based on our values, stick by and take responsibility for them while practicing the highest standards of ethical behavior in all our lines of work. We endeavor to maintain credibility by making certain that our actions consistently match our words. Thus we take responsibility for individual and team actions, decisions and results by establishing clear plans, goals and measuring our progress against them.

  • We are the intersection of music, talents, brands, technology, communities and media reflecting diverse interests. Our greatest honor is the trust that the music industry gives us every day.

  • We coalesce multiple and competing interests, and stand firmly on the side of music.

  • There’s no grey area in integrity. We lead with it in every customer interaction, royalty processing, and industry innovation. We unite all behind the singular cause of supporting the value of music.
We are Urbane, Enigmatic and Forward-thinking
  • Creativity, Innovation, Novelty, Originality, and Uniqueness are the lifeblood of the Music Pharmacy.

  • It is in our DNA. We believe that we can change the world. Our forward-thinking approach keeps us moving in the right direction.

  • We are brave. We innovate and demonstrate creative ambition, trying new things and embracing new technology. We’re committed to the belief that there is always a better way.

  • We value originality, invention, and creativity, and we encourage these traits by staying open and embracing the entrepreneurial spirit.

  • We seek out different perspectives, others’ ideas and opinions. We seize opportunities to train ourselves, develop our careers and try new roles.

  • The Music Pharmacy defines novelty; we are cool, calm and connected, our contents are agreeably stimulating and compelling.

  • We’re ground breakers and Trendsetters. We always strive to be the modern media’s source and motivation for nonpareil music content. We stay nimble, curious, and resourceful to catch the next big wave, and spot the swell behind it.

  • We embrace the evolution of commerce, music and technology. We strategically plan for growth & change, and work in ways that make us a model for sustainability, creativity, innovation, & excellence.

  • We craft our services and products from our intuitions and insights and take these offerings to clients who are inspired by our work to transform their brand philosophies and customer engagement processes.

  • We remain a work-in-progress to discover and re-discover our uniqueness and live it to its fullest in all that we do. We started uniquely, we operate uniquely, we create our services and products uniquely and we deliver uniquely.
We are passionate and thrilling
  • Music is our passion and our purpose. Our staffs are in sync with the music ecosystem.

  • Our passion drives teamwork and collaboration. We love our work, and we feel lucky to do what we do. We work hard and play hard too.

  • We recognize a balanced lifestyle, one which enables us to follow our passions leading to novelty, creativity and innovation.

  • Passion drives us to maintain a high level of quality in everything we do.

  • This is more than a job. It is an opportunity to be a catalyst for change and to inspire everyone who interacts with us.

  • We work at the Music Pharmacy because we want and choose to be here and not because we have to.

  • We never take ourselves too seriously. We are committed to excellence with a sense of fun. Fun works hand-in-hand with creativity. Humor is launch pad for many of our unrivaled ideas.

  • Each interaction with a millennial is our chance to show the Music Pharmacy way. We’re industrious, accountable, creative and we make excellence fun.
We cut through the noise
  • Anything Is Possible. We value the power of “Why Not?”. Through the challenges of entrepreneurship our nascent brand is sustained by persistence, a virtue that doesn’t only exhibit uniqueness and motivate the Music Pharmacy team but lingers the heart of our main audience.

  • “Hard work beats talents, when talent isn’t working hard”. We work with people who push themselves to be the best and understand that everyone fails at a point or another but has to respond and rise to the occasion. Persistence and perseverance are ingredients that we integrate into all we execute, aiming high and pushing ourselves to be the best at what we do.

  • “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. We remain resolute and optimistic while working through the hardships of brand building with good vibes only, understanding that, the results we produce are what we are graded upon.

  • We are aggressive in meeting our goals but acknowledge that accomplishing big goals take time. The mix of patience, persistence, and perspiration are our unbeatable combination for taking on new challenges for success.
We strive for excellence
  • We strive for excellence by setting goals beyond the best, reinforcing high‐quality performance standards and achieving excellence by implementing best practices.

  • It is our responsibility to be efficient, transparent and painstakingly accurate. We invest in the latest technology to ensure our operations uphold this standard.

  • Excellence is our start and end point. It is the direct route to helping the global community, bettering lives, and fueling positive change.

  • We build communities and have a whole lot of fun doing it. We are inspired by our community, motivated by our competitors, and pushed to great heights by our runners and partners.

  • Every day, we stretch to bring our goals closer and to keep setting new ones. We recognize that achievement comes in many forms and should always be applauded and rewarded.

  • We take pride in delivering quality and value for money. We challenge waste and spend money as if it were our own. We channel our energy into making things better and change or stop things that aren’t working.
We shine through team work and collaboration
  • Together we can change the world. Like all great teams, we value collaboration and partnership. Each person in our organization is as important as the next. We applaud an inclusive approach, and we value all opinions to make sure every voice is heard before we make a decision.

  • We thrive as a workplace because we encourage diversity of thought, opinion, and perspective. We behave in ways that demonstrate respect for our colleagues and the community at large. We are inclusive, compassionate, considerate, and mutually supportive.

  • We strive to do our best and be the best. Like world-class athletes, we aim high while still perfecting the basics. We push to bring out the best in ourselves while remembering that we are nothing without one another. We are demanding ourselves. We ask for help when we need it and know where we need to up our game.

  • Smart people, with a unified focus, produce unimagined outcomes. We love working together, what we represent, and what we do. We want every employee’s experience at the Music Pharmacy to be a highlight of his or her career.

  • Great things happen when we work together. We work across all our teams to create more for brands, talents, audiences, sharing ideas and involving others to improve them. We make connections inside and outside the Music Pharmacy and learn from the wider industry.

Our Team

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