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With the initiative of bringing African music to a wider, more mainstream audience, Soundlab features several industry panels with known speakers from the music business world, addressing researched topics provided by Music Pharmacy and its network of research partners’ educational quarterly published articles and resource materials including industry analysis feeds, trend reports, marketing, streaming, music therapy, urban pop culture, approaches to retail, music in film, and others. Each quarter, new and diverse panel topics are featured with speakers focusing on taking the industry to the next level.


Soundlab also aims to educate new artists by hosting a series of digital and offline events, offering educational materials, and fostering engagement opportunities for music business enthusiasts connecting them with global industry professionals through networking events, information sessions on the latest developments across music business ecosystem, broadening talents appeal through talent showcases and promoting conversations that will shape the African music business industry’s future.

This includes labels executives, management firms, booking agencies, producers, music retailers, distributors, streaming services, creatives, lawyers, others involved in the production and sale of music, and its related products.

Soundlab provides opportunities for collaboration between professionals from all industry subsets to invest in the future of the entire music business while addressing each business segment’s individual needs. It is the mandate of this platform to facilitate and encourage interaction between all experienced music business professionals and enthusiasts, so they may develop partnerships that will promote overall growth across the entire music business ecosystem in Africa and beyond.

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