Michael T. Alimo

Michael T. Alimo

Michael is passionate about Finance and Technology. Having worked with several teams, startups and organizations in the Banking and Financial Services Industry (BFSI), Creative Arts Industry as well as the Technology Industry both full-time and part-time, he has gained widespread experience in key areas such as Financial reporting and planning, Payroll, Budget, investment and some aspects of project management.

In addition to these, his affiliation with different Fintechs has provided him with the skills, knowledge and expertise to better assist businesses especially startups with the needed approach to driving efficiencies in their business operations.


Michael is a leader and a great team player who is passionate about delivering impactful experiences. Occasionally, he writes, blogs and curates other writing content too.

If he is not working, he is most likely enjoying a game of football, basketball or tennis. Michael currently serves as Finance lead for Music Pharmacy and Chief Editor for Music Pharmacy News.

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