The Music Pharmacy Show


Unrivalled Radio in HD is back on “The Music Pharmacy” with DJ Aljahzeera, Saturdays from 18:00 – 19:30 GMT on Paragon 99.9fm in Takoradi, Ghana. The cutting edge music platform embraces genuine interactions with continental and global trendsetters and game changers in music.

A live syndicated cosmopolitan radio show niched at sophisticated urban music, in-depth influential interviews and elite conversations with personalities in the music world. This is an extraordinary radio show where listeners can connect with the latest music popular radio stations refuse to play as well as familiarize themselves with many unsung artistes around the world, excelling in the field of music.

This ninety minutes radio show is tailored to suit millennials who yearn for good music and enlightening information.


Music Pharmacy Show
Music Pharmacy Show

The show has four (4) segments. The first segment which is the “Remedy” deals with three carefully selected songs across all urban music genres to motivate the listener while the “Prescription Form” gives listeners the opportunity to tender in their song requests and messages.

The “Dispensary” is a segment where new songs and albums gets unleashed together with a soothing mix of nostalgic urban music of diverse genres.

The “Voice Chat” segment brings to light insightful conversations with renowned personalities (Composers, djs, artistes, songwriters, producers, etc) in the music world.

If you ever thought radio is not fascinating anymore, then prepare yourself to be entertained, informed and educated with an ultra-lit and slaying twist to new age HD radio which is behemoth, exhaustive and nonpareil, bespoke for music aficionados.

Since its start on 6th May 2017 on Paragon 99.9 Fm in Takoradi, below are the list of exclusive singles, E.Ps, album premieres and eclectic interviews from Africa and beyond.

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